Simplify payments to your customers

Online store payment, brick-and-mortar store payment or payment wherever you are has never been easier.

Why use VIAMO in your company?

Cashless payment anywhere

Cashless payment for your goods or services in places where it was not possible or was complicated before. VIAMO payment can be done anywhere - at online or in a physical store, anywhere you are, even at the customer.

Save the transaction cost

Compared with alternative payment methods fees for VIAMO are attractive. You do not pay standard or admission fees. You pay only for transactions that you really receive into your bank account.

Simple and secure payment

In most scenarios, the only action that your customers need to do is enter the PIN to confirm the payment. They do not have anywhere to sign in, no typing - all payment information is securely transferred and filled in.

Instant notification

The result of processing payments is immediately sent via SMS, e-mail or notification system to your server. Instant notification allows you to smoothly continue in your process.

VIAMO payments for goods and services are accepted by these companies



"VIAMO is a well established payment method. If customers couldn't use VIAMO, they might not finish their orders and we would lose."

Zdenko Hoschek, Co-founder

"Our customers love to pay with VIAMO. It is fast and simple."

Boris Gombarčík, Co-founder

Brew Bar Café

"VIAMO is quick and easy - it simplifies our work with money."

Dávid Frajt, Owner

How to use VIAMO in your business?

Online shop payment

Payment for purchase from your eShop on the smartphone, tablet or computer.

Payment in brick-and-mortar store

Alternative cashless payment in the store.

Playment from merchant's mobile app

Buying in your mobile app, payment comfortably via VIAMO.

Payment everywhere

Payments for your goods and services wherever you are, even at the customer.